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You are A Modern Bisexual Woman  

We have designed a collection of clothing and accessories so that you can be loud and proud and let your bi flag fly or if you want to be more subtle and secretive you can still celebrate and acknowledge your bisexuality on your own terms!

Our Why

Our goal here at Married Swarm is to be a total resource for bisexual married women and bisexual women in long-term relationships with men. Regardless of our ultimate relationship goals as individuals, one of the things that we all tend to suffer with is the feeling of invisibility. We created our own brand of identity to express our status as bi women to the many other bi women in committed relationships around the globe. We realize we're trying to step into Jeff Bezos territory here with regard to innovation, but the truth is that not only do some bisexuals not dig the pink/purple/blue color scheme, being bi and being married has a particular set of circumstances attached that separate them from bisexuals with a single status. With this in mind, we decided to shake up the game and carve out a space in the queer world especially for us so that we can wear, use, or carry something innocuous or not, but that allows us feel like we are expressing ourselves, even if it is secretly in the open, as well as providing a mechanism by which to recognize each other when we are wearing our swag.

Besides all of those amazing reasons, purchases made in the Married Swarm shop help keep the Social Networks up and running!

What does the Peach and Mint Icon represent?


We chose this double half moon logo design because we wanted to strictly deviate from the pink, purple, and blue bi symbolism and bring in a fresh, clean color scheme that truly represented us. The mint side of the logo represents being in a committed relationship with a man, while the peach side represents interest and attraction to women. In addition to the logo, we've also created what we call a swarm pattern to represent the concept that we are a Swarm of married bees. We are larger in number than we are given credit for.  

Tell us what you want!

As some of us may or may not be out, but still want to express our identity, we have created what we call an icon set. These icons allow us to express our identity further so that you can reinforce your love for dogs as well as your interest in women - to those in the know or just to yourself! There are quite a few icons in the store, but we'd love to hear your suggestions on new icons as well as feedback on the things you love so we can add them to the store!

Head on over to the shop and have a look. Together, we can build this community strong!

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