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Our Social Networks  

Our mission at Married Swarm is to be a single resource for all things related to being bisexual and married. As one means to achieving that goal, we host two independent social networks - one for support, advice, and community and another for dating while married.

Married Bees
A Social Network for Attached Bisexual Women

Married Bees is a thriving community of women from all walks of life. We have members that log on from across the globe to share their unique struggles, their desires, their success stories, and their concerns about how their feelings might impact their relationship, their family.


As an attached bisexual woman in a heteronormative relationship, you may find yourself at any stage of the discovery process - from questioning, to an unskilled beginner to completely experienced. In any case, your participation in this social network is vital to the validation of the already nuanced label of bisexuality, but doubly so as a bisexual woman in a committed partnership. 

Whether you're interested in seeking advice or if you're looking for your tribe, you can help by sharing the details of your journey - we would love to have you here. 

Beautiful Women

Swarm Dating
A Dating Network for Attached Bisexual Women

Regardless of how much experience you may have with the same sex, dating while married or in another committed relationship can seem like a strange concept to those that are not in the same or similar situation. Dating an attached bisexual woman presents complexities that only other women in the same circumstances can understand.


At Swarm Dating, you won't have to explain or worry that you might be rejected because of your unique challenges of requiring discretion, needing to dedicate time to family, or being unable to commit to a full time relationship alongside your existing marriage or partnership. 

Now is a great time to join and be a part of building a dating community that caters to what you need as an attached bisexual woman. 

If you have been wondering where are all the other bisexual married women were, we hope you will find them all here. Join today and make this a strong community of women that can be their unapologetic, authentic selves.

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