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Married Swarm

The #1 Resource for Married Bisexuals

About Us

Certified Relationship Coaching & Sex Expertise

Founded by married bisexuals who, despite having discovered their bisexuality at different phases in life, recognized the need for confidential communities where bisexual and bi-curious married or otherwise committed women could freely discuss, get advice, and learn how and what it means to be both bisexual and in a monogamous or otherwise heteronormative looking relationship.

Besides having certifications in relationship and intimacy coaching, the certification they hold most dear is the real world experience of navigating their own bisexuality alongside their relationships.

Cups of Coffee

Be a Part of a Community that Understands You

Connect With Your Tribe - We're Everywhere!

Communicate Openly & Confidentially 

Adopt a Sex-positive Mindset

Discover Your Authentic Self

Therapist-approved Safe Space

“I love having a place to communicate without fear of judgement about exploring my sexuality.”

- D.L.

“I love it. I found my tribe! I’m happy that we all have this commonality between us because some outside just wouldn’t get it.”

- V.P.

“I enjoy that everyone here knows exactly how I feel without judgement. We get to share laughter, sadness, happy experiences, questions and even flirt. It’s awesome!”

- M.F.

“a welcoming, non-judgemental, fun and educational space. The connections and conversations feel very authentic. I have learnt so much, felt heard, been entertained and am really truly grateful to have found the site to be able to express a part of me that has been hidden for a very long time.”

- N.C.

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Married Bees

A Social Support

Network for Attached Bisexual/Bicurious Women


Swarm Dating

A Social Dating Network for Attached/Experienced Bisexual Women


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